Outdoors Sam 2018Samantha is an Atlanta-based professional with special interests in arts and entertainment media, fashion, and popular culture.

I am currently working full-time in an entry-level position as a Library Assistant with the Collection Development Unit at The Kennesaw State University Library system, where I have been wearing lots of hats for the past year. My duties primarily focus on supporting the librarians in my unit and library at large, but there is also a fair amount of autonomy I exercise in the form of some projects I have played a large role in executing at the library, such as creating an Instagram account for us, or giving a fun presentation for new users on setting up an e-mail marketing account MailChimp to facilitate connection between librarians & faculty.

Some other favorite projects:

  • Making a monthly¬†unit newsletter for Collection Development;
  • Creating GOBI (a book supplier like Amazon, but for librarians!) tutorial videos for librarians at KSU;
  • Purchasing books for our Professional Development Collection;
  • Creating a poster for the Georgia Libraries’ Story Project;
  • Creating a poster for presentation at the Charleston Conference (Nov. 2018)

I’ve learned and experimented with many digital technologies since graduation last year (August 2017), including:

  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Spark
  • Canva
  • iMovie
  • Audition

While you’re here, please check out my writing samples. I hope to continue to become digitally mindful and gainfully published as much as I can in the coming years. For inquiries, please email sreardon725 AT gmail DOT com.



*Header image: Karen O. Music Midtown (Atlanta), 2014, copyright S. Reardon


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